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About the Author

My name is Sebastian Szachnowski. I’m a people analytics leader and expert. I live in a beautiful city Wroclaw, in Poland.

For many years, I’ve been working with HR and IT in a multinational business environment. In my leadership path, I built highly effective and innovative teams, networks, and ecosystems which have contributed to digital transformation and the creation of new value chains for the organizations.

My love for HR, technology, innovations, data, and informed thoughtful decision making pushed me to the people analytics field. Currently, I held the role of Head of People Analytics at Volvo Group.

I work to demystify people analytics and enhance data literacy in HR. I fix common organizational issues which include a lack of understanding of people analytics, biased decision-making, and the absence of a structured analytics practice within organizations.

In this newsletter you will learn about people analytics and how to become proficient in data literacy.

I’m also a mentor and a public speaker.

Inquiries regarding collaboration, or public speaking opportunities please send to

In 2021 I was a speaker at ABSL Summit conference. Below, you can watch my presentation "Upskilling Workforce to Perform with Purpose".